Day 3 but Day 2 too

Day 3

Well I didn’t write yesterday. That sucks really. one day in and suck it.

I remember thinking yesterday that I didn’t do so well but can’t  really remember why. I know I got a call late in the day which kept me late at work and I got home too late to make dinner for everyone.

I did eat some of the chicken I made on Monday but made it into chicken salad with hot sauce. It was good.

I broke my rule about device not being used between 6-9 and  then didn’t write. I

I did start on my daughters Bat-Mitzvah video and went to sleep early.

Today I’m up late. I need a rule about going to sleep before 11:30. That’s one of my 40 rules at fourty. I also wake by 5:00 AM every morning.

I might even change the 5:00 am routine. That’s a private matter and I need to see.

Busy day today too. Meetings are constants and the only way to get work done is multi task right now. This will be a big year.I need to run hard. It’s not going to be possible if I’m not working out, sleeping, eating and living right. Following rules will set you free. – I need to look up Benjamin Franklin s saying about how following rules in an odd way makes you more free. I don’t know but I think if you can follow your own rules then that’s true. It means your rules have to make a lot of sense. THey can not be extream but they should provide you limmits and work for you.


Any way I”m tired.

Daily recap woke at 5

it takes me about 1.5 hours to eat and get out of the house in the morning. 25 mintues to eat. Let try to move some things around.

Get deck ready for HyVee in the morning tomorrow.

wake at 5 tomorrow.

worked to 4:30 today

Had basket ball practice

made dinner – meat, onion, mushroom spagettie sauce and spagettie.

eat good today.


Thinking about advocare

Did not drink enough water today need to drink more tomorrow.


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