About Us

Hi, I’m Kevin Metzger. Writing my about page is difficult for me since I’m not sure which version of Kevin Metzger I want to present here. You see My Spelling Sucks   was the first blog I presented on the web back in 2007. I was also blogging on this site but all the content on this site from back then has been destroyed. I then started a project called the DADvocate project after having won the East Cobber Father of the year for an article I wrote on My Spelling Sucks called seven years. The DADvocate Project was pretty cool, I interviewed something like 50 dads and surveyed 500.  All of my finings were published on the website the DADvocateProject.com but that site has since been taken down. If your interested in it you can still find it on the Way back machine. I may also go back into my digital archives and pull out the research to make it available. As part of The DADvocate project I got the opportunity to speak at several conferences and even appear on a few radio shows and participated in an interview on CNN.  It was all fun work and helped me land a position on the board of a Non Profit called Let’s cure CP where we helped to fund some of the first Stem Cell Research in the US for Cerebral Palsy.

Professionally, I’ve had the opportunity to work for some of the largest corporations doing some of their most cutting edge technology projects. I’ve worked across the spectrum doing application development, functional and business analysis, project management, operational management, system architecture, integration management and accuisitions and relationship management. Over the last 7 years I’ve been mostly involved in proving AMS on the Cloud. I consider myself a technologist, having grown up with the personal computer. I convinced my dad we needed one when I was eleven and have been fascinated with them since I was 5 years old in 1980 when my uncle got one of the earliest IBM PCs. I have a MBA in eCommerce and the list of companies I’ve worked for or consulted with looks like:

IBM, UPS, Delta, Grady Hospital, Coca-Cola, Sage Software, Streamlight, UNFI, Ritemans, Tiffany & Co, NDCP – Dunkin Donuts, Sysco, Under Armor, US Foods, The Vitamin Shop, Target, Dell, Virtustream, and a number of others.

I love building things and operationalizing them. I love sharing. I love technology. I love business. I love creativity. I love studying leadership and I love building winning teams, I love reading and I love Art.

In the last few years I’ve realized that I enjoy painting and exploring my creative side. I guess I always have just didn’t realize it until recently.

On this site I intend to publish some of my art along with my thoughts on technology, business and leadership. I also hope to have to opportunity to interview leaders in the field of technology. We are continuing to have our society impacted by technology and there are social and political questions we need to start asking about how we want those technologies to be used. I have some opinions on this and am afraid that too many people haven’t started thinking about the societal impacts of the decisions we are and are not actively making. So let’s get started.