About Me


I’m passionate about working at the intersection of business and technology. I have been a Technologist since I was 11 years old and convinced my father to purchase our first computer selling that it would help with my dyslexia and spelling. Once we had the computer I found it fascinating that I could use it not only for word processing but also to code games and access a world beyond our home. I grew from this experience to get an undergraduate degree in Computer Information systems and an MBA in eCommerce. I have over 20 years of professional experience ranging from Customer Success, Building a Managed Services organization, Supply Chain Consulting, Project Management, Business Systems Architecture, and Business and Functional Analysis. You can find my full resume here.

I have a lot of varied interests including Cooking, Painting, Skiing, CrossFit, Kayaking, Pickleball, and Speaking on my family’s Survivor Story. Any artwork published in my posts is original artwork.

In the past, I’ve been involved in Blogging as a Dad blogger at TheDADvocateProject.com where I conducted a survey of 500+ dads, spoke at several blogger conferences, and even was on a CNN panel of dad bloggers. At some point, I hope to restore some of the content from that site on a subsite here along with my first blog, MySpellingSucks.com.

Finally, I even help to start a non-profit called Let’s Cure CP and was one of the original board members. With this organization, we helped to fund some of the first StemCell studies in the United States for patients with Cerebral Palsy.