Former Blogging Projects and are blog sites that I worked on from 2009 – 2012. While I still own both urls the sites have been down for a while. I’m currently in the process of taking much of the archived posts and adding the archived content to this site.

MySpellingSucks.Com was my very first blog site and I started with it for several purposes. At the time I thought I might make a transition to being a Social Media specialist and just needed to be able to write and experiment with a blog site. I wrote about my personal feelings and family and wrote the article Seven Years. It was one of my first posts and was a reflection on my life when some close friends were going through a divorce. This post led to me being selected as the East Cobber Father of the year in June 2009.

I Am Not Weird

The platform was also perfect for helping to launch a book we published by my daughter called “I Am Not Weird!” written by her and my Mother-in-law when she was in first grade.

Ultimately, I felt like Father of the Year was such an honor that I wanted to do something more important with the work, leverage blogging and social media gave me so I started The DADvocate Project.

The DADVocateProject was born from a feeling that fatherhood was being minimized. At the time I felt fathers were being portrayed like Homer Simpson throughout the media and I had a strong feeling that there was a cultural move toward a more involved father.

I decided that I wanted to perform a study on fatherhood and would use the tools of social media, Twitter, blogging, etc. to distribute and gather information on fatherhood. I formed a questionnaire and obtained over 500 participants to give feedback on the questions I asked. I also did a number of interviews with fathers, paticipated and spoke at some of the first Dad blogger conferences, and learned a lot about driving and building a community-driven project.