Feeding -The AI

AGI Painting completed in 2018 after Reading books Elon Musk Recommended on AI

Everything we do.

Everything we write.

Every entry on Social Media.

Every News Report.

Every YouTube post.

Every piece of data that gets picked up from the Edge

Every photo posted

Every NFT created

We are in the process of digitizing the world. That digitization is information and it’s the information The AI learns from. If you post good thoughts or bad thoughts that data will be (IS BEING) consumed by The AI. We are already training The AI. Let’s do a better job of it.

The multicloud fully networked world with data points on the edge and 5G data points will produce the information that the ultimate Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) algorithm learns from and uses. By the time it arrives we may be on 10G technology but there are AI scientists who believe we’ve already created sentient AI although I’m having a hard time finding the reference to the article.

It’s interesting in doing research for this article, I see articles about how AGI isn’t possible. But that construes a misunderstanding of AGI. The thought that AGI will be human-like is not really the aim nor is it the likely outcome. It’s likely AGI will be sentient and generate thoughts that are its own. It will not be human intelligence. Further research brought me to this very interesting Ted Talk about what AGI will be and how Humans can adapt to work with and possibly against it if necessary.

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