ADD – Funneling Concentric Circles – A Strategy for concentrating on a goal

Trying to stay consistently focused on doing one thing when you have ADD is always difficult. I have not worked on or looked at strategies for focusing as an ADD in years. Instead, I have been looking at and learning from Success experts such as Tony Robbins, Steven Covey, and many others. They however offer general strategies that work for folks who are not ADD. The mistake I have been making is that every time I read a new book or article I always get distracted from whatever it was I was focusing on that the last expert drove me toward. This can be a real nightmare if you want to do something like building a business, blog, or even career as you are constantly changing focus.

So how does one stay focused enough to move forward in a career, business or blog? Well, I’m not great at it but this is the strategy I’m currently using:

Funneling Concentric Circles:

The idea is that you have something that looks like a 3-dimensional bull’s eye or dartboard that has a funnel shape. In the center at the bottom of the funnel is your major goal. As you go out from the center and up the funnel, you want to include all the interests that might catch your attention. The important thing is that you need those interests to take a shape that will direct all your efforts back into the funnel and towards the bottom center ie. your major goal.

This approach allows you to follow multiple interests but still stay focused on the goal. Unfortunately the strategy does not keep you focused on any specific task at any one time but it does ensure that you are always going down a path that leads towards your main goal.

So an example of how this works is this website. My major goal with the web site is to inform and educate people on Dyslexia, ADD, and Cerebral Palsy. What are the difficulties, What are some lessons,What are the treatments, How do the disabilities impact the life of the person with the disability and how does it impact the family, Who are some of the people who have been successful with the disability and what has driven them to be successful, the list of course goes on but you get the general idea. This is the core goal and innermost concentric circle. Some of the circles comming out are the blog, marketing, a radio program I hope to be doing soon, useful advertising of products, and more. The idea is that each of these in and of it’s self is a different interest area but all are focused in a way to progress the goal of inoforming.

If you have any questions about how this works let me know.

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