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  • Paul Smith – Typewriter Artist

    Paul Smith was born in 1921 and lived until 2007. He had severe CP. He did not receive a formal education as inclusion was not even a word in those days and he fought institutionalization for many years until he had to sub come after losing both his parents and not having enough external support […]

  • Setting her own goals

    Since my daughter was very young my wife and I have been setting goals for her. They were often small goals that for most people are just milestones like, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, climbing, walking, etcetera. Sometimes we would consciously sit down and set goals and others were just recognized as needing to be […]

  • Wheelchair Etiquette

    I just finished an excellent book called Accidents of Nature. It is a wonderful book about a girl with CP (cerebral palsy) who goes to a summer camp whit other kids who have special needs. In the book, she learns about, herself, and how other special needs kids feel and are treated in 1970, and builds an […]

  • ADD – Funneling Concentric Circles – A Strategy for concentrating on a goal

    Trying to stay consistently focused on doing one thing when you have ADD is always difficult. I have not worked on or looked at strategies for focusing as an ADD in years. Instead, I have been looking at and learning from Success experts such as Tony Robbins, Steven Covey, and many others. They however offer […]

  • Special People Normal World

    Special People Normal World is a wonderful new show that will be premiering on the web this week. The wonderful ladies behind this show are Susan Stevens and Kristi Hogg. Susan is the grandmother of Garrett who is a year younger than Haley my daughter and also has CP. Garett’s family was told that he wouldn’t […]

  • Reading Dyslexia Laughing and CP

    Today was a great day. I started a new job and as far as I can tell I’ll be working for myself for the first time. It’s a job for a company and I don’t know how long it will last but I’m being brought on to do exactly what I want to do. I’m […]

  • The Race

    Every night when it’s time to go upstairs for a bath and bed the kids procrastinate. They’re kids of course they procrastinate bedtime. Well, a number of months ago I realized that I could encourage the progress of matriculating upstairs by declaring a race. Both Haley and Abby seem to love competition and this is […]

  • Man with CP walks 900 Miles

    What are your goals? What have you done today to make them happen? If one person can decide to walk 900 miles then so can another. There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something.Henry Ford

  • Breakthroughs

    Today, I read a blog by Elizabeth called MyKidsSupport about something called the blue blob. According to Elizabeth, the blue blob is a cloud that sits over a child with dyslexia and that blob can dissipate or clear. Reading her blog reminded me of my belief in what I call breakthroughs. The best way I can describe […]

  • Wrong Words

    Today I went to lunch with a few people from work. One of the guys was talking about some topic but using the wrong words to describe what he was talking about. We were joking about it when he said he thinks this has something to do with his dyslexia. Then I realized, I do […]