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  • Customer Service Key to Customer Success

    Early Thursday morning I was sitting outside with my wife having coffee and commenting on how I’d have to cut the lawn when my son walked out to say good morning. I saw an opportunity. “Buddy, how would you like to make some money?” We spent a little time negotiating and agreed to the price […]

  • Our CSM The Hero

    Our CSM The Hero

    I was just on LinkedIn and saw a post about a CSM who came to the rescue. It’s a typical story (unfortunately). A customer calls in and says “The software sucks.” “I’m tech savvy, I can’t figure it out and I don’t think it meets my needs. “ In this situation, the Custome was writing […]

  • CSM’s Daily Work

    I’m currently reading “The Customer Success Professional’s Handbook” by Ashvin Vaidyanathan and Ruben Rabago. It’s part of my summer reading list. I just finished chapter 3, A Day in the Life of a Customer Success Manager. I’ve been working in Customer Success for the last five years and realistically have been doing aspects of the […]

  • Delivering Customer Success

    Customer Service is a fundamental principle to Customer Success. Ensuring a customer is heard, listened to, and delivering to meet the customer’s needs is essential to providing great customer service and ensuring customer success.  One of my earliest memories of learning about customer service growing up in a small town in North East Pennsylvania was […]

  • CSM Summit 2022 – James cook

    I like how James set up the conversation so much that I decided to take notes and publish my thoughts on his presentation as I listen to it. He starts talking about high performance and focuses on Mindset. Gain the confidence to run our role well and then goes into defining what CSM Energy is […]

  • Feeding -The AI

    Everything we do. Everything we write. Every entry on Social Media. Every News Report. Every YouTube post. Every piece of data that gets picked up from the Edge Every photo posted Every NFT created We are in the process of digitizing the world. That digitization is information and it’s the information The AI learns from. […]

  • Customer Contact KPI

    When looking at the health of a customer there are many key factors to consider about the customer journey and all the various KPIs for measuring churn, CSAT, retention rate, etc. But once a customer is operational and stable, it’s easy to start losing the tight relationships that were built during onboarding and stabilization of […]

  • Paul Smith – Typewriter Artist

    Paul Smith was born in 1921 and lived until 2007. He had severe CP. He did not receive a formal education as inclusion was not even a word in those days and he fought institutionalization for many years until he had to sub come after losing both his parents and not having enough external support […]

  • Setting her own goals

    Since my daughter was very young my wife and I have been setting goals for her. They were often small goals that for most people are just milestones like, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, climbing, walking, etcetera. Sometimes we would consciously sit down and set goals and others were just recognized as needing to be […]

  • Wheelchair Etiquette

    I just finished an excellent book called Accidents of Nature. It is a wonderful book about a girl with CP (cerebral palsy) who goes to a summer camp whit other kids who have special needs. In the book, she learns about, herself, and how other special needs kids feel and are treated in 1970, and builds an […]