Today, I read a blog by Elizabeth called MyKidsSupport about something called the blue blob. According to Elizabeth, the blue blob is a cloud that sits over a child with dyslexia and that blob can dissipate or clear. Reading her blog reminded me of my belief in what I call breakthroughs.

The best way I can describe what it feels like to have a breakthrough is by describing a ride I went on once when I was a kid. It was a flight simulator that emulated breaking through the sound barrier. You got in the simulator and it started with a takeoff. The seats tilted backward and they blew wind at you. There was this tremendous screen in front of you showing the land go by faster and fast and it felt like you were shooting into the air at an unbelievable rate. The ride got more and more intense until finally you hit mock speed and broke the sound barrier. They stopped the wind leveling you off and you felt like you were gliding. Everything became easy!

My first breakthrough was when my parents moved me back to the public school system in the 4th grade. My parents decided to hold me back a year and it was probably good that they did. I worked my rear end off that year staying up until 11 pm at night trying to keep up with my homework and classwork. But sometime late in that year, it all clicked. I had been working with tutors, my father had been drilling math tables into me, and I was studying like crazy everything had been difficult. I would spend hours in my room crying about how hard it was but then I GOT IT! I don’t mean I understood and I can’t explain why but I GOT IT! I GOT IT! I GOT IT! I have had this type of experience at least 3 other times in my life, in eleventh grade, in college, and when I had my daughter. Working to the breakthrough point is exciting and many times necessary to hit that next level of growth.

I believe breakthroughs are something everyone can achieve. I have seen it with my daughter who has CP. I know people in business who have had them and I believe with a little training you can have them too.

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