MySpellingSucsk Archive Post – Beauty of Wireless HeadSet

I remember getting all wrapped up in a cord as a kid as I paced around while on the phone. Today I still tend to pace while on the phone but now I have a wireless headset. Now plenty of people pace but few do it with the fanaticism I do it with. When I’m on the phone at work I put my headset on with the intention of taking notes at my desk, but as soon as I’m asked a question, I’m up out of my seat and halfway down the hall before I even know I’m moving. It’s crazy and luckily most of my office just laughs at me and they all know I really can’t help it. Well, last night I when I was reading symptoms of ADD I found out that the pacing thing is just part of it.

I’ve known I’ve had ADD since I was a child but I haven’t looked at the symptoms in the last 15 years or so. I had forgotten how much of my personality is based on my ADD. The funny thing is I love it. I think it adds character to who I am and sometimes I just can help being me.

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