I’m currently sitting in the waiting room of the hospital. My wife has just had a procedure that will help get her through our fourth pregnancy and hopefully produce our 3rd child. During our first pregnancy at 22 weeks, she went into the doctor’s office because she wasn’t feeling right. She got there had an ultrasound and was told to go directly to the hospital. We met a specialist at the hospital and he told us that Mel’s cervix was opening and the fluid sack had come through. Mel was put in an inverted hospital bed overnight to see if the fluid would go back up into the womb. It did not. We decided to try an experimental procedure that was risky but we would lose the pregnancy anyway if we didn’t try it. They were going to drain the fluid out of the sack hopefully without breaking it and then push the sack back in. If that was successful then they would stitch up her cervix and put Mel on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. Unfortunately, that did not go as planned and we lost our first pregnancy at 22 weeks. Our first child was a son who was going to be named Zack.

It was very difficult for both of us after losing Zack and Mel especially had a hard time being around friends and family that had babies. But after a few months, she was pregnant again and the doctors knew what to do this time to ensure she made it through. They brought her into the hospital at 13 weeks and put a stitch in. She was put on bed rest until 32 weeks when the doctors said she had made it far enough that they would lift restrictions with significant limitations. She was allowed to go to a baby shower that her friend was throwing for her. When she came home there were so many presents that I felt the need to knock out the back wall of the closet to expand it. That night we had dinner at our house and Mel said she didn’t feel that well. When she woke up the next morning she wanted to call the doctor. The doctor sent us to the hospital. I actually protested as we had previously had a close call and Mel who has a tendency to complain over small things wasn’t complaining that much. -a lesson for me, when she is really scared she acts fine.- Anyway, we got to the hospital and ended up delivering at 32 weeks. When Haley was born they took her immediately and began breathing treatment. She was breathing on her own later that night but she would be in the nic-u for the next 3 weeks. But we had our baby with 10 fingers and 10 toes she seemed healthy although she didn’t want to eat much and that was all we had asked for. We would be a bit more specific on our next one.

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