Special People Normal World

Special People Normal World is a wonderful new show that will be premiering on the web this week. The wonderful ladies behind this show are Susan Stevens and Kristi Hogg. Susan is the grandmother of Garrett who is a year younger than Haley my daughter and also has CP. Garett’s family was told that he wouldn’t walk until he was five and then he would only walk with a walker. Garrett’s family and his grandmother, Susan, refused to accept that and he is walking unassisted today.

Susan does all the work behind the camera for the show. Kristi is the face on the camera. She has a daughter Maci who has mitochondrial disease. Maci is now 8 years old and doing well with a treatment that Kristi found.

The treatment that Kristi found is HBOT – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. There have not been the typical medical studies done on this treatment because there is no money in it for the companies that sponsor these types of studies. However, I have spoken to many parents who have tried the treatment and all of them have had success stories including Kristi. The treatment is used to treat, seizures, CP, mitochondrial disease, and even ADD. Unfortunately, since HBOT is not a recognized treatment it is very expensive and not covered by insurance companies. It was this common therapy experience and the success they had that seemed to provide the inspiration for Susan and Kristi to create Special People Normal World.

They are covering difficulties related to Autism, CP, Parkinson’s, and other neurological disorders. They will be discussing treatments, nutrition, and support. I think this show is a must for anyone who is a caretaker of special needs people, friends of a special needs person, knows a special needs person, or anyone who just wants to understand more about what a special needs family must do to provide the optimum in care for their children.

Check out the sneak peek now!

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