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  • Pregnancy

    I’m currently sitting in the waiting room of the hospital. My wife has just had a procedure that will help get her through our fourth pregnancy and hopefully produce our 3rd child. During our first pregnancy at 22 weeks, she went into the doctor’s office because she wasn’t feeling right. She got there had an […]

  • MySpellingSucsk Archive Post – Beauty of Wireless HeadSet

    I remember getting all wrapped up in a cord as a kid as I paced around while on the phone. Today I still tend to pace while on the phone but now I have a wireless headset. Now plenty of people pace but few do it with the fanaticism I do it with. When I’m […]

  • Get Your Kids Interested

    I was diagnosed with dyslexia at 6 years old. I didn’t learn how to read until I was 11 years old in 4th grade. My handwriting is still practically illegible. Here is my advice to anyone who has a child with this type of problem. Buy them a computer… (paraphrase get them interested in something) […]

  • Seven Years

    It was seven years ago tonight when I began this current journey I’m on. That was when we, my wife and I, lost our firstborn son. That was the day I became a daddy. Eleven months later our first daughter was born 2 months too early, but I became a daddy 7 years ago tonight. […]